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Everything you will need....dock floats, floating dock hardware, fasteners, and great customer support to assist you in building  your own
loating dock. ...... or let us custom build a floating dock for you.

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           Aluminum Floating Dock SystemsWe offer the most advanced line of easily installed wood floating docks with maximum lift capacity.  For the waterfront resident, boaters, and marinas, our floating docks float drums are constructed of thick-walled blow-molded high density polyethylene and filled with expanded polystyrene - the finest flotation material available today. Dock Accents offers floating dock solutions for the do-it-yourself person who wishes to build their own wood floating dock as well as our NEW Aluminum Dock Systems. Dock Accents also offers a great selection of dock accessories such as floating dock ladders and dock bumper in accessorizing your dock and providing water safety measures for our customers.  Floating Docks
           dock floats with flanged edge for floating docksWe have various  Floating Docks that can be purchased as Floating Dock kits which you can see listed below or you can customize your own dock to meet your particular waterfront needs. All of our floating docks consist of wood decking, although other forms of decking can be used. Our "Dock in the Box" floating dock kits include dock floats, hardware, fasteners, specs, material list and instructions:  everything you will need to build your own floating dock or swim platform except the lumber, nails, and labor.  Basic carpentry skills and ability to use carpentry tools is required to assembly a floating dock...and a Dock Accents' representative will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have during the construction phase.

 Dock Floats- Polyflanged
  • ONE piece NO SEAM construction provides maximum strength & long life. Blow molded high density polyethylene floats.

  • "Easy mount" FLANGE fastening system

  • Convenient 2' x 4' overall size dock floats - polyflanged for floating docks

  • 1/4" to 3/8" thick flat top surface

  • 8" depth, 12" depth and 16" depth - in stock

  • 18" depth and 20" depth  Floats - available upon request- Special order. 3x4' dock floats also available upon request and Special order. 

  • One-way membrane valve allows hot air to exit but keeps water out

  • Resistant to oil, gas, diesel fuel and saltwater

  • Resistant to attack from marine and animal life

  • Demonstrated 20+ years of useful service life

  • Filled with highly water-resistant expanded Polystyrene

  • Made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials

  • 10 YEAR Limited Manufacturers Warranty

(click here to go to float requirement equation)

Float Cubic Feet Weight Buoyancy Price  
2' x 4' x 8"
Dock Float
4.38 24# 265# Sale $100.00 Buy Now
2' x 4' x 12"
Dock Float
6.60 30# 400# Sale $105.00 Buy Now
2' x 4' x 16"
Dock Float
8.75 32# 525# Sale $125.00 Buy Now


 18" and 20" dock floats - Special Order - Call for Pricing.
(Additional charges may apply)

3' x 4'  and 4 x 4' Dock Floats available upon request - Special Order.

Call us @ 1-804-776-7710 or 1-888-219-0112 for ordering information.

CUSTOMER TIP: In determining the # of dock floats needed for your project, in general, you can get a good estimate by multiplying the square footage of your floating dock or swim platform by 25 which will give you the total buoyancy weight needed.  Then divide this number by the buoyancy rating of the size float you will be using.   For example, a 10x10' floating dock = 100 sq ft.  100 sq ft x 25 = 2500 lbs of weight.  If you are using 12" floats, the buoyancy of each float is 400 lbs.  So 2500 lbs divided by 400 = 6.25 floats (Round up to 7 Dock Floats Needed).  In addition, more dock floats will need to be added to support average # of persons you expect to be on the dock or swim platform at one time as well as equipment, boats, etc.   Keep in mind, once you get your floating dock in the water, it is going to be difficult to pull it up and add more and adjust position of floats if you miscalculated.  In addition, positioning of floats is important in ensuring that areas of the floating dock which will be receiving the most weight bearing are adequately supported with dock floats.  For general purposes, freeboard or distance from the top of the dock to the water level averages 14-15" using 12" floats and 16-17" using 16" floats with one of Dock Accents' floating dock kits.

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*Contractor discounts do not apply to Sales Price Items.  Discount applied to Regular Pricing.
Sale pricing for Floats Only (Retail Sales).

Floating Dock Kits - "Dock-in-a-Box"

Wood floating dock systems

Listed below are our best selling packaged floating dock systems.  All floats and hardware, unless specified otherwise, are included.   You will also need at least 2 pilings or pipes not connected to your pier to secure the floating dock.  All hardware hot dipped galvanized- commercial grade 1/4" thick. (Lumber and nails are not included in kit.  Piling hoops and other connecting hardware sold separately.) Custom sized docks or swim platforms also available to customers.  For more information call 804-776-7710.  You may also e-mail us for information.

CALL US @ 1-804-776-7710 or 1-888-219-0112 FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE. 

SPRING SALE! $100 off Shipping on all
                                                       Wood Floating Dock Kits

Call and Order Now!



Floating Dock Kit: 4' x 8'

Sale Price


Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 4' x 10' $650 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 4' x 12' $650 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 4'x 16' $775 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 4' x 20' $875 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 4' x 24' $1125 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 6' x 10' $650 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 6' x 12' $775 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 6' x 16' $875 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 6' x 20' $1125 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 8' $875 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 10' $875 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 12' $1100 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 16' $1225 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 20' $1550 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 8' x 24' $1550 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 10' x 10'  $875 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 10' x 12'  $1100 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 10' x 16'  $1450 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 10' x 20'  $1550 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 10' x 24'  $1775 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 12' x 12' $1350 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 12' x 16' $1550 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: 12' x 20' $1775 Buy Now
Floating Dock Kit: Typical U- Dock
6'x20' arms w/6'x20' platform head
$3650 Buy Now
Sample Dock Spec 4x10 Floating Dock

*NOTE: Please contact us for a quote if you wish to use 16" dock floats with your floating dock or customize your  order to meet your particular waterfront needs.  Also note that 4' wide floating docks are very wobbly and it is not recommended that 4' wide docks be used as a "stand-alone" dock.  However, 4' finger piers work well hinged to other units or when adequately secured.

*NOTE:  When using composite or 5/4 board decking, stringers should be 16" on center; Standard lumber is placed 24" on center. 

Call 1-804-776-7710 or email us @ for a quote today.

Wood Floating Docks for Local Customers (Eastern Virginia)

Let one of our sales representatives assist you with customizing
a Floating Dock System Perfect for You!

Call 1-888-219-0112
today for a free estimate!


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