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Our floating dock Floating Docks will give you insight on construction,
lumber requirements and design layout.

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There are several different ways to build a strong, durable floating dock.  At Dock Accents, our method of building floating docks is a little different than other plans.  For instance, the  dock floats are not mounted directly to the stringers, but secured to support boards (lying flat on the frame) perpendicular to the stringers.  The dock floats are mounted directly onto these support boards.  This configuration not only makes mounting floats much easier, but gives the floating dock additional structural strength.

Dock Accents Typical Floating Dock Floating Dock (10x20')

floating dock diagram for building a floating dock

Instructional CD:  How to Build a Floating Dock
(Coming Soon)

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Click on a link to view the Floating Dock specs and material lists for a particular size dock kit.  *NOTE:  You must have "Adobe Reader" to open the floating dock specs listed below.




The pricing on our floating dock "dock-in-the-box" kits reflect usage of 12" dock floats.  However, you can choose the option of 8" or 16" dock floats.  Call for a quote today- we can customize a dock just the right size for you.

In general floating docks using 12" high floats offer approximately 12-14" clearance from top of dock to water level.  8" high floats offer approximately 10-12" clearance from top of dock to water level.

Typically 8" dock floats work well when using your floating dock for kayaks, canoes - less height to climb up onto the floating dock.  12" floats are standard with our Floating Dock "Dock-in-the--Box" kits and are typically the standard size used for residential projects.  16"+ float sizes typically used for commercial purposes.

Additional size floats available upon request.  Call for a customized quote.

For more information on determining float requirements


Call 1-804-776-7710 or 1-888-219-0112 for more information.


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