PILING CAPS are available in 1/2″ increments from 5 1/2″ to 18″ – Round: Black, White, Cone-top or Flat-top Piling Caps. Other special sizes and square caps are available by special order.

Dock Piling caps are an excellent way to protect costly dock piings from internal rot as well as provide an aesthetic quality to your boat dock or pier. Call us today at 1-888-219-0112 and we can assist you in planning your dock project and customizing your pier or floating dock with a great selection of of our other dock accessories – dock bumper, dock cleats, dock ladders, dock benches, etc.

Piling Cap Features:

Piling Caps by Dock Accents are made from UV-resistant heavy-duty weatherable polyethylene (approximate range 0.1mm or 2/16″ thickness). Our piling caps are available in 1/2″ inclements from 5 1/2″ to 18″ diameter (Round: Cone or Flat Piling Caps in White or Black). The “cone-top” piling caps are designed to help discourage sea birds from landing on them and make it easier to throw lines over pilings, while the “flat-top” piling caps are great for mounting rod holders or other dock accessories or simply for sitting a drink down.

Dock Accents uses a reputable manufacturer who provides piling caps which are very durable and thicker than most of our competitors, offering a higher quality piling cap to our customers. Our dock piling caps have an estimated life in excess of 15 years for black caps and in excess of 9 years for white caps. (Actual life of piling caps is not guaranteed due to uncontrollable factors relating to weather and geographic location).

How to Measure for Piling Caps:

Measurement Guidelines: Measure the diameter of your piling from the “widest” point across the top to determine the size piling needed. If your measurement falls between 1/2″ increments, it is recommended to go with the next larger size. The piling caps will stretch approximately 1/4″, but ultimately it is your decision whether to purchase a smaller size based on the measurement of your piling.

How to Install Piling Caps:

These easy to install piling caps can be installed by drilling nail holes and attaching with galvanized roofing nails or stainless steel screws. We recommend stainless steel 1 1/2″ length ring-shank nails. For round piling caps, 3 nails or screws are required. Place ina triangular fashion along rim of piling cap when secruing piling cap to piling or post. (NOTE: Using 4 nails or screws tends to make the piling cap pucker and is not recommended).

Prices in the following Catalog reflect either color (Black or White) selection. Color selections of piling caps can be made after the item is added to your Cart.

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