PILING WRAP is a great way to protect your dock pilings as well as yourself.  No more splinters or snagging clothes, lines or yourself from cracking old pilings.  The Pile Wrapper provides excellent protection to the piling itself, extending life of the wood and avoiding costly replacements.  The pile wrapper is also maintenance free.

Make your dock look its very best today with a Pile Wrapper!
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Piling Wrap Features:

  • Tough and Abrasion Resistant – won't fade, crack, peel or chip like other prodcuts.  The PVC cover and Polysester core is impervious to all aspects of weather, fuel and oils.

  • Non-marring and UV insensitive – tough PVC will not damage your boat and is insensitive to UV rays.

  • Environmentally sound investment – for long lasting durability and strength.  Will not rust, rot or corrode.  Maintenance Free!

  • Economical – costs less than “rubrail”, dock edging or dock bumper or similar dock products.

 How to Measure for Piling Wrap:

  1. Measure the piling diameter from the widest points (across the top)
  2. Locate this diameter in the cart below (first column) to determine the size of pile wrapper you will need (i.e.  a piling diameter of 5-7″ requires 24″ width pile wrapper).
    Piling Diameter (inches) Pile Wrapper Width (inches)
    5″ to 7″ 24
    7″ up to 8″ 28
    8″ up to 10″ 33
    10″ up to 12″ 39
    12″ up to 13″ 44
    13″ up to 14″ 48
    14″ up to 15″ 50
    15″ up to 16″ 54
  3. Measure vertically down the piling the distance you want to cover.  (i.e. if you have 6' of piling exposed above the water level, you would want 6' of piling wrap).  Order the approximate # of feet needed for your job.
  4.  Note:  When ordering piling caps, you will need to take into account the thickness of the pile wrap (1/8″ thick) if using these two products together.

Colors Available:  Black or White (grey or other custom colors upon request)

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