• Dock Ladders: Vertical Lift Dock Ladder


The 5 Step Retractable Vertical Lift Dock Ladder  is an innovative, retractable dock ladder featuring a new and improved heavy-duty rung hanger.  To extend the life of the ladder, simply pull up the lower section above the water line to eliminate marine growth. The plastic coated lift cable will also provide long lasting service.

The fixed portion extends 24" from top of dock for standard lift ladders.  (Note:  A short-based ladder extends 14 1/2" from top of the dock).

Height between rungs is approximately 12" and ladder can be locked with 1st rung even with dock or 1 foot lower.  For instance, a 5 step standard lift ladder will extend 4 ft or 5 ft below the dock line depending on where you lock it.

Additional Information

Weight28.0 lbs
Dimensions63 × 22 × 5 in