• Wake Watcher Mooring System


Wake Watchers Mooring System – Patented, unique 2 step mooring system: 2 point hookup to boat. For boats up to 3500 lbs. and adjustable tension for smaller boats and personal watercraft. Automatically positions boat away from dock to prevent damage from wind and water action. Allows free movement of boat; Resists vertical, horizontal and lateral motion. Cushions the boat from wave action. Reduces line stress between dock and boat. Features: No line clutter on the dock; Corrosion and weather resistant; Warranty – 5 years. To remove from dock, unfasten 4 nuts and bolts. Wake Watchers Mooring System – Measurements: Base post 14″ high; Base plate 6×6″. Made with Steel tubing 1 1/2″ square; E-coated and followed with a baked white powder coat finish.

Additional Information

Weight48.0 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 60 in