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ACCUDOCK Floating Dock Systems offer solutions for all types of outdoor activities. Whether it is Kayak Docks or Floating Docks for residential customers or Floating Platforms for commercial applications or Rowing Docks for clubs andaccudock-floating-dock universities, we have a great selection that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Call us at 1-888-219-0112 today and we can assist you in planning your floating dock project and customizing your dock with a great selection ofaccudock-floatng-dock2 additional dock accessories - dock bumper, dock cleats, dock ladders, dock benches, etc. Accudock Floating Docks are light-weight and portable, easy to install, and lasts for years to come. In addition, many different configurations can be designed with Accudock Floating Dock Systems.

Accudock Floating Docks & Kayak Launchers

Accudock Floating Docks - From small floating docks to Marinas,accudock-floating-dock Accudock's lightweight and portable modular floating dock sections create any size and shape residential or commercial floating dock you can dream up! Accudock Kayak Launchers are ideal for lauching kayaks, canoes, or small boats. Just pull off and tie off. The Kayak boat slip comes in different lengths and widths and adjustable slip widths. Dock surface is only 7" off the water and with the "entry-exit assist bar", getting on and out ofkayak-launcher your kayak is easy. The "H" Dock Rowing Shell Floating Dock System incorporates aspects of the very popular "slip dock" while allowing any size width and length vessel to be safety entered and exited - using over two floating dock platforms.

Accudock Work Floats

Accudock Work Floats are handy for working on boats and other watercraft. A work float is an unframed (no aluminum frame included) single float unit measuring 4x8' and weighing only 67 pounds. It can be retrieved from the water easily by one person.

Accudock Rowing Docks

Accudock Rowing Docks offer a low profile floating dock specifically designed for the rowing community. Our 6" docks sit 5" off the water's surface which allows rowing sculls to hug the edge of the dock and the outriggers to easily clear the dock surface. Being used in regattas and at universities across the world, Accudock Rowing Docks provide rowers with superior ease of launching their sculls. Call us today at 1-888-219-0112 for a free customized estimate or email -

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Unique, affordable and versatile Dock Accessories to compliment your floating dock or boat pier!

Dock Accents offers a great selection of Dock Accessories: dock cleats, dock boxes, hose and rope hopers, ring buoys and life rings, line holders, dock bench kits, dock steps, dock carts, dock lights and more!

Fish Cleaning Tables

Fish Cleaning Tables: Choice of "Bait-Fillet Mate" Fish Cleaning Table or Standard Fish Cleaning Table with legs (available in 2 and 4 legs). These tables can be used for food or cocktail service, for bait preparation, or for cleaning the catch of the day.

Dock Boxes

Dock Boxes: These dock boxes are built tough. with a UV gel-coat finish and the stanless steel lockable latch and hardware, these are sure to hold up in the harshest marine environments. Our dock boxes incorporate gas shock lifts, which come standard on all models. Our fiberglass molded dock boxes are also constructed with a smooth interior finish which helps prevent splinters in your hands when storing or retrieving your boat accessories.

Dock & Boat Cleats

Dock & Boat Cleats: Dock & Boat Cleats are available in many styles: Galvanized Cleats, SS Cleats and Fold-down Safety Cleats. *Standard Sizes - 6", 8", 10", 12". See individualized items for more details.

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DOCK BUMPERS & FENDERS - Dock Accents offers a Great Selection of Quality Dock Bumper, Rubrail Dock Edging, Dock Fenders and more to protect your boat and dock pier as well as providing a safe smooth dock edge when accessing the water.

Dock Bumper Features:

Dock Bumper: Our heavy-duty boat dock bumper is made of flexible PVC and will not crack, rot or deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures. It is unaffected by oil, gas or saltwater and has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight. Even a fungicide has been added. The P-Style Dock Edging is designed with a sloped bottom half so that as boats rock up and down, they tend to glance off instead of tearing it off the dock. Boat Dock Bumpers offer an economic alternative to dock fenders. Our End Dock Bumper (5001/5002) is designed to mount horizontally to floating or stationary docks to provide an edging whereas our Flush-Mount Dock Bumper (5007/5008) is designed to mount vertically on pilings. Sold in 10' lengths - (cut the bumper to accomodate the length you will need).

Wave Dock Bumper System

Unlike all the other flimsy products, the Wave Dock Bumper System has a strong core of Polysester and a smooth UV stable PVC cover to provide unmatched shock absorbing ability. The "S" shaped bumper creates a protective grid that completely covers the sides of your dock. Available in White or Black. It is non-marring and will not fade or mildew. the Wave Dock Bumper is a great accessory to use along with the Pile Wrapper. Strong - No pull through. Protects - Shock Absorbing. Looks Great - No fading. Easy Install - Nail or screw. Economical - Saves Money.

Wave Dock Bumper - How to measure:

NOTE: Wave Dock Bumper is sold in a flat roll. You must form the "S" shape when installing and securing with deck screws or nails. To calculate the footage needed, divide the total linear feet you wish to cover by 0.7. This will give you the approximate footage of dock bumper you will need for your project.

Dock Fenders

KR10 AND KR20 DOCK FENDERS - Blow Molded with high molecular weight, high density polyethylene and UV stabilization for toughness and durabity. - Molded bushings in each mounting hole for permanent attachment. -Will not mar or mark boat. - Time tested since 1981. -Available in White or Black

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For Floating Docks and Ramps

Floating Dock Kits are available in many sizes and can be customized to suit your specific needs.  Call us  at 1-888-219-0112 today and we can assist you in planning your floating dock project and customizing your dock with a great selection of dock accessories - dock bumper, cleats, dock ladders, dock benches, etc. Floating Dock Kit includes:  foam-filled HD polyethylene dock floats, HD floating dock hardware and  fasteners for installation; Material list and instructions to build a wood floating dock. (Lumber & nails not included- See Material list for required materials to be purchased by customer locally). OR you can purchase items separately if you like.  We are here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us at 1-888-219-0112.

DOCK FLOATS - Features:

  • ONE piece Rotational Molded Drum with a nominal .150 wall thickness providing maximum strength & long life.
  • Filled with highly water-resistant expanded Polystyrene. Foam filled (Density EPS of 1.0 - 1.5 lbs per c.f.)
  • Easy Mount Features - Molded in Mounting Slots and Heavy Duty Mounting Flanges for fastening dock floats securely.
  • Most popular dock float sizes are 2' x 4' in diameter with various depths - 8", 12", 16", although there are a total of 49 different sizes available.
  • Dock Floats are made from Virgin Grade Polyethylene Material with 1/4" U.V. Inhibitors.
  • All floats feature a 3/8" thick flat top surface with a self venting plug and molded heavy duty mounting flange and slots.
  • Resistant to oil, gas, diesel fuel, salt-water and most chemicals.
  • Resistant to attack from marine and animal life.
  • Demonstrated 20+ years of useful service life.
  • Made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials.
  • Meets Corps of Engineer's Regulations #36 CFR Part 327.
  • Meets or exceeds all Absorption Tests and Falling Dart Tests.
  • 10 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

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